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For years, friends and clients have been asking for photos of mine that they could use to decorate their houses and professional environments. The idea of actually creating a website where pictures of Greece could be available instantly to everybody crossed my mind when a friend told me, "I want to take Greece with me with your photos." Even though I had already moved on to the world of videography, I continued to capture still images of all the authentic scenes along the way. Old loves die hard, and here we are. A series of travelling photos of Greece, the result of years of travelling through the most iconic of the Greek islands, is already up, ready to travel and artistically invade your home and work environments.


is Art. From where everything started.; from where A set out to find B.

Because Greece is the blue that meets the white to become blue again.

It is the palette of colours that merges into one when the Greek sun reigns.

Greece is her jasmine. The vine. The Basil. The vanilla sweet. The watermelon from the backyard. The tomato you cut from your garden.

Greece is authentic. She is the foundation upon which we built this world.

Because Greece is her traditions. The legends, the heroes, the circular dances, the festivals, the secret schools, the chapels with the cross that tears the sky, the monasteries, this burning faith in something greater…

Because Greece is not confined to her narrow geographical boundaries but extends to all that spreads like an epidemic of embrace all over the world.

Because Greece is universal. She is her endless touch, unceasing through the age

Through my lens

I want my pictures to create vibrations. I want them to smell. I want them to taste, to include sounds and whispers—to activate all the senses.

I want them to speak directly to your heart. To unlock your inner euphoria.


And in this digital world that everyone clicks, I don’t click if I don’t have “the” click.


That’s why I want you to take Greece with you. To deliver Greece to you, in your home.


Because Greece is the Lighthouse—the unbreakable light that will illuminate you, even when the curtains come down…


Thomas Chrisohoidis

Greece With YOU



Coming soon...


Coming soon...


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Coming soon...

Rio - Antirio Bridge

Coming soon...

Cape Sounio

Coming soon...


Products Features

We offer three print styles

  • Original

  • FIlter 

  • B&W

The product comes out in photographic paper, in canvas or in plexiglass of your color selection.

Sizes can vary to 35x50, 50x75 and 35x100



35x50  cost 25 euro/frame

50x75 cost 60 euro/frame

35x100 cost 80 euro/frame

prices do not include canvas and shipping

Thanks for submitting!

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