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About Thomas


Thomas Chrisohoidis started his fascinating photography career from a small darkroom in his parents home when he was only fifteen years old.

After finishing high school then the thrilling field of sports gained his attention and he made his breakthrough by capturing all of the big global sports events and their protagonists.

With his lens, he captured four Olympic Sports events, ten World Cups, and numerous Final Fours.


He adapted to the new era—from the analogue to the digital world—by always using the latest technological innovations.

Thomas Chrisohoidis created the biggest sports photo agency in South Europe, called "Action Images," and the first digital sports photo archive.



Then the most recognizable and prestigious artists and public figures let themselves loose at his lens. A series of portraits, photo shoots, and fashion campaigns followed thereafter.


He has published five annual photo albums in luxurious editions.


Since 2012, he has expanded his artistic field to moving images. He was captivated by the endless opportunities of air filming and has directed numerous music video clips, corporate videos, and film campaigns. All of these were connected by one principle: cinematic point of view of high aesthetics.


These last years, he has been dividing his time between Mykonos and Athens as a director and photographer.

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